Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here are this round’s answers to Where on the Eurodam
This is the carpet in the guest hallways.

There is a small section of the Promenade deck that needs to be clear during Panama Canal cruises. This sign lets you know to get out!

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These benches can be found all over the ship. They contain extra life vests.

Shout out this week goes to Katy Lucas for being almost right on the carpet. She guessed that it was the carpet in the theater. Close! And she gets bonus points for using her g-mail account and leaving her answers on the blog itself.

Also a shout out to Jess Atherholt who almost always leaves us some comment love.

There is no new "Where on the Eurodam?" This week due to lack of participation. If you want to see it come back, just leave us a comment to let us know. We'll re-instate it if there is enough interest.

Christmas week on The Eurodam was busy and fun.

We started the week with Christmas Caroling and a Tree Lighting in the Atrium.

Our first port was slated to be Half Moon Cay but the seas were choppy and we weren’t able to go ashore. This happens more frequently than we would have imagined prior to living aboard the cruise ship. The next port was St. Thomas but both of us were sick (Kelly is still not back to 100% yet and Ron got strep throat – thankfully he got on antibiotics before too many symptoms appeared) so we stayed aboard that day. 

But once we got to St. Maarten, we were both feeling well enough to explore a little.

We took a cab ride to Maho Beach which backs up to the Princess Juliana Airport which has been named by the Travel Channel as the #2 most extreme airport in the world. The planes flew right over our heads as we enjoyed lunch on the deck of The Sunset Bar & Grill (which was apparently in a sitcom called Three Sheets to the Wind - we've never seen it.)

We stopped in to see That Yoda Guy who was an artist for the original Star Wars movies. He was so nice and enthusiastic about his work. (Ben Dice, you’ve got a little something special coming your way.)

We also had a chance to stroll the downtown area. There is a ton of shopping and plenty to see. 

We swung by the courthouse with a pineapple on top of the cupola. It was built in 1793 and is a very popular landmark.

We also stopped by the Belgian Chocolate Box to sample of a few amazing pieces of handmade chocolate.

Our next stop was Puerto Rico again. We only spent a few hours off the ship due to the timing of our departure. It was weird to leave Puerto Rico so early. But we were glad to be there during the day this time to see some of the things that are not usually open when we are there. 

The best part of the day was giving two bucks to this guy with a machete to hack open a coconut for us. We drank the water and then handed it back to him so he could crack it open and pull out the actual coconut. Granted, we could buy a coconut from the market for half the cost, but it’s hard to get the produce guy to wield a machete in the store aisle.

Christmas Eve was BUSY! We were at sea, so it was a formal night. We enjoyed getting dressed up for the special occasion. In the evening we attended a cocktail hour and then dinner hosted by the Captain and the Hotel Manager. We were please that lobster was on the menu that night. Dinner was followed by a show and then crew choirs singing Christmas Songs. Then at midnight we attended Christmas Service in the Queen’s Lounge… and then we passed out. 

Christmas morning began bright and early. Santa Clause came to the theater and handed out gifts to kids and posed for pictures. Some of his elves were there too.

 Our Christmas Day was spend in the Bahamas.

Once we were docked in Nassau, we joined some of the cast - Cassie, Will, Eric, and Kellie - for a water taxi ride to spend the day at the Atlantis Resort. We had a great time seeing a fraction of the expansive grounds and wandering through the aquarium. You could spend a week there and never see it all. What an amazing place!

In the evening we enjoyed spending Christmas dinner with James & Isabelle at Tamarind aboard the ship.

And today we’re back in Fort Lauderdale where we have experience our first “cold” weather of the season. Kelly needed to take a light sweater to run to Walgreen’s since it was 68 degrees!
This upcoming week is full of all new ports so we’re very excited to fill you in on our new adventures. Merry Christmas to all of you and have a very happy and safe New Year!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Fun to read your adventures. Does it feel like home yet on board the ship? Neva

Dice Family of Strasburg said...

Ben is jealous!!! Can't wait to see what shows up. Emma loved Ron's Santa hat in that last shot.