Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ron's Birthday Week on the Seas

This week, we'll begin with:
"Where on the Eurodam?"

That was the "M" in Mainstage which is where Ron does a lot of his work. The theater holds about 900 audience members and a different show is presented every night of the week. He also manages many other locations around the ship that you will see in the upcoming weeks. Shout out to Diane Althoff for getting that one right!

Shout out to Janette Morrissette for getting this one correct - it's a Foosball table located in the Crew Mess on A Deck. The Crew Mess also contains Wii and Xbox stations, vending machines, weekly karaoke and English lessons amongst other fun and activities geared towards the Filipino and Indonesian Crew Members.

Erika Hoover gets the Shout Out for getting this one right. Of course she's at an advantage because she has worked on these Dam Ships before! Every other week or so we gather here at this assembly station in our snazzy yellow life vests for crew drills. This is not Kelly's favorite part of the week. 

 And here are your pictures for this week's game. Those of you who are posting your answers on FB instead of the blog, get yourselves a G-mail account and post your answers on here. We'll give you bonus points.

Finally, this week we were able to dock in Grand Turk!  We first walked on the beach and Kelly picked up sea glass - which may be the only hippie-esque thing she has ever done in her life. Then we explored Margaritaville. We LOVE Jimmy Buffett and take any opportunity possible to visit his concerts, restaurants, bars, stores, and resorts. Fins up!

Of course Kelly found the giant flip-flop!

Life is rough...

This is a very common way to find Ron. He has a HAL issued phone that is used whenever anyone needs to get a hold of him. Someone always needs to get a hold of him...

Tuesday, we explored a little more of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We started the day at Fort San Cristobal. Below is Ron on a pile of cannonballs.

The views from the fort are beautiful.

Kelly just thought the bench and the wall were pretty.

We love the narrow streets lined with row-type homes that are full of character and color. And the blue cobblestone streets add unique, antiquated charm. They bricks were made in Spain and brought over as the ballasts of ships in the 1800's.

After a quick work-break, we went back out for dinner. We decided to try Raice's and were not disappointed.  It is a small hole in the wall type place (always our favorite) that served water in tin cups and employs bi-lingual servers who dress in traditional attire. We tried the local beer - Medella Light - which we thought was just OK and we split a Mofongo - Mofongo is generally made from fried green plantains which is mashed together with broth, garlic, olive oil, and pork cracklings. Ours was filled with skirt steak. It was really good - especially since we are pretty tired of ship food.

We then strolled in and out of the shops in San Juan and down to the square which is all lit up for Christmas right now. I think This was our favorite day of this week. 

Ron celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday. We were at Half Moon Cay which is not super exciting since it is a small island owned and operated by HAL. This did not leave us the opportunity to celebrate with a fun activity so we're in the process of planning a small celebration next week. 

**Note from Kelly**
December 3rd is my favorite day with the exception of April 5th. I am grateful for Diane Althoff and Ron Morrissette Sr. for bringing my husband into this world and for raising him to be the wonderful, loving, supportive, hard-working, loyal, and Godly man that he is. Happy Birthday Ron - I love you more than the moon... and then some.

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