Friday, December 17, 2010

T'were the Weeks Before Christmas

Here are this round two’s answers to Where on the Eurodam?

This phone is located in the "P.O." as we call it or the Petty Officer's Mess Room / Bar. The PO is located on A Deck and is 50's themed. Ron likes to visit the PO because they have a cappuccino machine in there.

These coins are from the Eurodam's coin ceremony. The coin ceremony of a cruise ship takes place just before the floating out of the ship. The coins are located all the way up on Deck 12 forward. The ceremony dates back to the ancient Romans who believed that attaching coins to a ship provided divine protection.

The porthole seen above is the view of our cabin from the outside. We're the second porthole from the front on the starboard side of the ship. You can see the picture frame that the Dice family gave us peeking out. Ron's position allots us our own room with a double bed and a porthole. Most of the crew have inside cabins and have to share rooms with up to 3 other people.

And here is next week’s challenge.

On December 6th in Grand Turk, we ventured down the beach to Jack’s Shack. This little patio bar and grill is where some of the crew hangs out. We ran into some of the ship performers and our cruise director, Jason that day. And we also ran into Topher, the Jack’s Shack resident dog.

We really enjoyed Turk’s Head Island Draught. The light beer was much better than the dark which was heavy and had a pretty high alcohol volume for beer, causing Ron to be a little fuzzy in the head after finishing his own bottle and half of Kelly’s light beer.

The next day when we visited San Juan, Puerto Rico, we took a trip to the Bacardi Distillery. Our adventure began with a ferry ride to Catana.
This guy entertained us with Christmas songs on his guitar. He was so bad that it was good, so we tossed a few quarters into his hat when he was through. We love all the character in Puerto Rico.

Once at the Bacardi Distillery, we perused the gift shop and enjoyed the free rum drinks provided on the free tour. Then we boarded a tram that took us around the facility and to a walking tour with a movie and Bacardi related historical artifacts. We learned, amongst other things, that the Bacardi Bat was chosen as a logo based on the fruit bats living in the rafters of the first Bacardi distillery located in Cuba.

This is Ron at the lighting board in the Mainstage Theater. You won’t normally find him here but a new Assistant Stage Manager came on board and the Lighting Technician was helping train him for the Crew Show so Ron jumped in and ran the lights. Usually Ron is off running around making sure his shows and programs are all running as they should be.

In St. Thomas last week there were 6 ships in port which caused the crowds on the streets to be epic. We ran a quick errand and then grabbed a quick lunch at The Green House where we split Conch Creole. Conch is one of our new favorite treats and we try to find it wherever we are in the islands.
 Here is Ron with one of the performers, Cassie. Often the Cast pick up side jobs on the ship such as dressing up as various characters at different ports.

Kelly took this photo as we departed St. Thomas. Whenever we sail away from a port the crew is allowed on the bow of the ship to enjoy the view.

We know we’re settling into ship life when we don’t even bother getting off the ship on Half Moon Cay days. The view is just as pretty from the Lido Deck as it is from the island, so we took our books (Ron is reading Super Freakonomics and Kelly is reading Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground) out to the pool deck and lounged in the sun for a few hours.  Life is really hard.

Saturday we took the crew shuttle to Starbucks, then met James & Isabelle Cielen (the ship’s magician and his wife) and their two kids for a bus ride to the galleria mall. We browsed at Borders for a few hours, grabbed lunch, and headed back to the ship. While that may not seem like an exciting day, it feels good to do something normal like going to a mall when your days are always so full of the unfamiliar.

This past week has been one of the less fun weeks for us, and really for many people aboard the Eurodam. We joke that when one person sneezes on the ship, 2,999 others get sick. Last week’s guests seemed to Kelly to be especially unhygienic and she grumbled about people reaching under the sneeze guards in the Lido to point to (or even touch – eww!) food on the other side, and she complained that she was coughed upon twice by guests passing by. And of course, Kelly was sick two days later along with quite a few guests and crew.

We made through one day at sea and half of Grand Turk before she really took a bad turn. We decided to chance the impending rain and take a short cab ride to Cockburn Town (sounds like “Co Burn” Town) and as soon as we exited the cab, the skies opened up and the rain came down. We managed to snap a few pictures and pick up an addition to our collection of goodies for the Dice Kids on our half mile stroll before we gave up and flagged down a cab.

Tourist shops

Episcopalian Church

View from the doorway of the church

The next day Kelly had a fever and a cough which caused her to stay in bed for 3 days missing both work and crew drills. Friday morning she finally started feeling a little bit better. She’s just happy that the cold caught up with her the week before Christmas instead of the week of.

In St. Thomas the Allure of the Seas parked right next to us. Having launched on December 1st, it is the brand new sister ship of the Oasis of the Seas. They are the two largest cruise ships in the world.

We’re very excited for the next two weeks because we will be stopping at different ports of call than usual. Plus, it’s Christmas and the Eurodam will be decked and decorated and full of Christmas music and activities. So, until next week, have a blessed and beautiful Christmas.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

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