Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fanchers Do The Carribean

A few weeks ago Kelly’s parents, Mike and Donna, joined us for a week on the Eurodam.

We started the week by enjoying a full day in the sun at Margaritavlle on Grand Turk where we lounged around, played in the pool, and made good use of the swim-up bar.

The next day, we were excited to show off Puerto Rico since it is our favorite stop on the itinerary. Our first stop was Don Q distillery where we sampled Puerto Rican Rum. 


We now have a new favorite brand of rum since Don Q is both smooth and inexpensive. Mike and Donna even bought a bottle to bring home with them since we’re not sure if it can be found on the mainland.

Mike Enjoying an itty-bitty Pina Cola
Later, Kelly enjoyed showing her parents around Forts San Cristobal and El Morro 
San Cristobal with the Eurodam in the background

El Morro

Of course we took them to our favorite local dinner location – El Jibarito – where we always have great service, awesome food (the garlic sauce is seriously legendary), and a serenade from the roaming guitar player. Donna had been wanting a Mojito so we took them to Punto de Vista where the mojito’s are 2-for-1. Punto De Vista has become another favorite of ours because the owner, Michael, is very nice and cracks us up because he wanders the streets in a jester hat announcing the dollar Heineken and 2-for-1 mojito specials as the cruise ships disembark.

St. Thomas the following day was typically mundane as there is little to do there besides shopping. We wandered the streets for a while, Donna investigated cameras and clothing, and Mike checked out the new Rolex’s (of course the one he liked best is exactly like the one he already owns. No matter how much he argues that fact, it’s true). Once the short shopping expedition had ended we went to lunch at Cuzzin’s because it had local food, was off the beaten path and came highly recommended. Not only was it really expensive for lunch, but the service was bad and the food was appallingly uninspired. I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be going back there again. The best place to eat in tourist-town Charlotte Amalie is Al’s Café – the little hole in the wall we went to a few months back.

Once we took a cab back towards the ship, we decided to extend the day a little more by walking over to Tickles – a nice open air bar and restaurant that overlooks the yacht harbor. We all enjoyed two drinks apiece and while we can’t speak for Mike and Donna, Kelly had a headache and needed a nap directly after. Ron only had beer so he got off easy. Tickles is serious about its mixology. 

The next day at sea was relaxing and fun. Mike and Donna lied out during the morning and then went on the VIP ship tour in the afternoon. They were able to see the stage, the laundry room, the engine room, the galley, the store room, and the bridge. 

Mike was most excited to see the bridge and talk to the Captain. Even though we teased him about telling so many stories about his “navy days”, it was nice to see him reliving memories and having fun learning about the ship. Donna was surprised at how interesting the tour was for her. She had imagined a lot of mundane details but was pleased to learn that there were plenty of sights and subjects which she found significant as well.

Half Moon Cay had beautiful weather despite the rockiness of the ship on the way in. Ron escorted Mike and Donna to what we refer to as the “Pirate Bar” (a large three story wooden ship where drinks are served and the band plays), while Kelly took off on a short hike. Later Mike tried out Ron’s snorkel gear in the beautiful blue island waters.

Saturday came quickly and we were sad to escort the parents off the ship. Since their flight didn’t leave for several hours, we all took the Sun Trolley to the Galleria mall where Donna picked up a little gift that Kelly had been wanting for a long time – Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne. Kelly thinks it is easily one of the top ten things she has ever smelled in her life. Then we ate lunch and put Mike and Donna in a cab heading to the airport. It was sad to see them go but we decided that they visited at the perfect time because since we only have a month left until we head back to California (perhaps after a stop in Pennsylvania), we know we’ll see them again soon.

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