Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camp Across America - Utah

And thus another road trip adventure begins.

Our first stop for the night would be at Snow Canyon State Park in Utah but of course we are road trip experts and so we found many fun spots along the way.

Anyone who has driven from Southern California to Las Vegas has at least seen, if not stopped at, the World's Largest Thermometer

At this time the thermometer is sadly in need of some electrical repair as most of the numbers weren't lighting up. In the "news to us" department: the thermometer is now part of a Bob's Big Boy.

Across from the thermometer is the Mad Greek which Kelly had been to but Ron had not. We had to stop and split a gyro. Delicious!
 Shortly after Baker we arrived in Nevada!

Kelly has been to Vegas about a million times (in her 20's) and yet had never seen the Las Vegas sign. Why had she not seen it? The world may never know.

Taking the I-15 for most of the trip meant a short time in Nevada and an even shorter time in Arizona which meant we were soon in Utah!

As was mentioned before, we stayed at the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park. Here is a view from our campsite.

Ron prepping for dinner (ok Kelly cooked but Ron made the fire!)

Our tent and the official Morrissette Camping Flamingo!

Now it should be said that Kelly has camped on two separate occasions and one time it rained. Our first night of camp across America, however, easily put that previous rain night to shame. It rained, and was windy, and rained, and was even more windy, and thundered, and lightninged (is that a word?), and everything rainy nastiness you could imagine. Kelly was fearful the tent would blow away and carry the Morrissettes straight back to California. She was, in all honesty, a real trooper and Ron is very proud.

Day two started with a somber stop at the Mountain Meadows Massacre site. This site is off of highway 18 and was difficult to find. 
Very briefly: Some of Kelly's (who's maiden name is Fancher) ancestors were in a wagon train from Arkansas to California lead by Capt. Alexander Fancher. When they reached Utah a group of Mormon's slaughtered  members of the wagon train, at point blank range, including many women and children. To get more of the full story you can check out these links:

Youtube Video (also posted on the 1857 site)

You can also see the movie September Dawn, starring Jon Voight

Our next stop was Bryce Canyon National Park.

Enroute to the Park

This photo is just for Donna (Kelly's Mom)

Currently we're crashed out in a KOA Kabin hiding from the elements. More to come...

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