Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guatemala, Panama Canal, and Colombia

First – The Shout Outs since there haven’t been any for far too long! 
1 – Staci Piszyck is getting married! I’m so excited for you Stace and it makes me glad to see you so happy with Matt. Love you friend!
2 – Christy Searcy for being part Colombian and introducing us to that crazy Colombian licorice drink thing. Yikes.
3 – Kelly White for just being Kelly White. I love you and miss you intensely friend. I think I need to hug you soon.

Since we last updated you on our travels, we have experienced a few new places. This year we visited the other side of Guatemala. If you have read our previous blogs, you know we really enjoyed Guatemala last year. This time we stayed close to port and just spent a few hours wandering around a dockside market, lounging in a hammock strung up between palm trees, and sipping coconut water straight from the coconut. (Guatemala coconut water is so much better than Puerto Rico coconut water. Just in case you were wondering.)

At the market in Guatemala 

We rode this very cool vintage bus through jungle to get to the market. 

Life is just so hard.

Next was the Panama Canal. I think Ron and I had much higher hopes for the Canal and personally, I was a little disappointed. I thought it would be longer and that we’d be closer to the land where we could view wildlife and tropical forests. Not so. The Canal is probably fascinating to anyone who is rapt with engineering (I’m told that is was huge feat in the time it was built) and sure, it is interesting and I have an appreciation for its significance in our world but shoot, if I’m going to pay for a cruise I want to see pretty things! Perhaps my view was a little bit spoiled by the fact that I (along with many other crew and guests) got food poisoning (Seriously, all I have been eating is salad. Who gets poisoned by lettuce!?!) and I have been sick squared for a few days and spent most of the day in bed after struggling through viewing the locks after breakfast. Not to worry, we will cruise the Panama Canal several more times before the end of the contract.

Bridge of the Americas

The lock opening

Panama City

Yesterday was a stop in Cartagena, Colombia (say it with me: Car-teh-hay-nuh Co-low-m-bee-ah). We didn’t get much time off the ship due to meetings and bellyaches but from the little time we spent in port, we can’t wait to get back there! What a gorgeous place! We browsed through shops, sampled local beer (not wise on my part), picked up a bottle of some crazy licorice flavored liquor in honor of Christy Searcy, and got up close and personal with a handful of wild birds. These brightly colored parrots, toucans, and flamingos (Kristen, don’t tell Flemmingstone. I don’t want him to be jealous.) were everywhere! Back on the ship, we enjoyed dinner while the sun set over the city.

Colombian Beer - Meh.

Another Colombian Beer - Even more meh.

Cartegena Sunset

Now we have two days at sea and then we will be back in Half-Moon-Cay just like last contract. We are really excited to get a feeling of familiarity and routine between now and the end of the contract. While Ron is feeling underwhelmed at the prospect of yet another day at our private island, I am really excited to relax in the sand and stare out at all that beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. Life is good.

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