Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ohhhh Mexico, Sounds So Simple, I Just Have To Go...

Here are some things you need to know about the Zuiderdam.

1 – This ship totally rocks.
2 – It is pronounced Zigh-der-dam. Like “sigh.” Not Zwee-derdam or Zoo-derdam.
3 – The ships nicknames include: The Brokendam, The Black Pearl and The Zuidy.
4 – If you wear your bitchin new Sarah Palin “You Betcha We Can” shirt in the elevators when you run up to get a cup of tea before bed, you WILL be harassed for it. Especially by the crew. Especially by the Entertainment Crew.
5 – The giant statues of Polar Bears do not, in fact, get removed when Alaska season is over.
6 – Girls who need a lot attention enjoy displaying themselves on the faux sofa that is inexplicably part of the Aft Pool décor.

I would like to tell you what day we were where, but I actually have no idea what day it is. We refer to days in conjunction with the ports we are at. For example, today we were in Guatemala, so it is “ Guatemala Day.”

That being said, a few days ago we were in Cabo San Lucas. The tenders were painfully slow so crew wasn’t able to disembark until about three hours before All Aboard and we were delayed an hour due of Ron’s schedule so we really only had time to run off, grab a couple tacos, buy noisy toys for the Dice kids with the explicit purpose of tormenting their parents (if we ever have children, we are so in for it because I’m pretty sure Ben & Kristen will buy them a drum set at this point), and then ran back to the ship. We had our tacos at Captain Tony’s and (we’re aware that this is sad) we decided that Wahoo’s is better. Also, El Torito has better guacamole. Sorry Captain Tony but the Cal-exicans totally have you beat. We did have fun though!

After that was Puerto Vallarta day. We had a crew boat drill in the morning and then Ron had a lame work schedule (his supervisor is on board) and we only had a few hours then too. We went out, got lost, got really, really hot (its 95 degrees in October. Holy smokes Mexico!), got frustrated and got back on the ship and played Bannanagrams in the Air-Conditioned Lido. Ron was a little disappointed but I was indifferent. Jaded already? Maybe. I’m just ready for some blue water beaches and less walking around in heat and humidity! 

Our only picture of PV

Then we had a sea day which I’ve decided I like this time around because I now use my sea-day free time to exercise compulsively and read my snazzy new study bible. This contract also allows Ron more free time on sea days also so we enjoy spending our afternoons together.

Oh and Ron will kill me if I forget to mention that I have seen a whale (in Alaska) and three schools of dolphins since we’ve been on the ship! I wish I had pictures but every time I have seen them I’ve been out for a run and didn’t have my camera. But oh my goodness, they were so fun! The dolphins like to play in the wake of the ship. Just the cutest darn thing you can imagine!

Yesterday we were in Hualtuco where Ron had In Port Manning (IPM). I was able to join a crew tour and go river rafting with some of our crew. We drove in an open air off road truck a la Disney’s Indiana Jones attraction to the Copalita River where we jumped in a raft with a guide and set sail down some class 1 and 2 rapids. We had so much fun jumping in the river, pushing each other overboard (I was fully clothed right down to my hiking shoes), and splashing the occupants of the other rafts with our paddles. This is probably the most fun I’ve had on excursion in all of our time on ships.

After the rafting adventure, we all headed over to a beach front restaurant for snacks and drinks. There is something to be said for having nachos, salsa and a to-die-for margarita on a Mexican beach. Totally worth every calorie.

Today we were in Puerto Chiapas. We were really excited to see Mayan ruins (if you’ve been following our blog, then you know that I have been absolutely dying to climb up a Mayan pyramid for years and years) but discovered that the ruins near our port consisted of a hole in the ground and not much more. Disappointed we intended to take a shuttle into town with some other crew members only to discover that the shuttles were sold out and the three cabs on duty were booked solid all day. So we sat by the beach and ate more nachos (not quite as worth the calories the second time around) and then browsed in the local shops. We did find some interesting chocolate made from only cacao, sugar, and cinnamon. So delicious. I’m trying to save some to share with you when we come home (PA? CA? Who knows!) but I’m not sure it’s going to last.

Later in the evening we met up with our Cruise Director, Shane (who is a fantastic CD!) for nachos and idle chatter. It started raining and we got bit up by the mosquitoes. I have over 20 bites on just one leg! 


And that concludes our time in Mexico. I think my favorite of all the ports was Huatulco. The water is such a beautiful color of bright sandy blue and the hills are lush with vegetation. The locals were very nice and the whole area has a wonderful relaxed feeling that is clean and comfortable. I would definitely visit for a vacation.

That’s all for now. Adios Mexico! 

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