Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Enjoy Ron & Kelly’s HAL Discount

1)      Call or Email us for the link to the discounts – then save it in your favorites because it self-updates every few days.
2)      We can only get the discounts while we have an active contract – that means that as of today, you must book and pay for your cruise before June 8th 2012.
3)      It is a process to get your discounted cruise approved and booked – there are several steps and we do not have control over how quickly the process occurs. We cannot rush the approval. Once we submit the forms it is out of our hands.
4)      We have extremely limited access to e-mail and phone so once we find out whether or not your cruise has been approved we will let you know as soon as we can. No need to e-mail me 436 times. We’ll be in touch as soon as we’re able. I promise.
5)      Read the fine print! You can be bumped. We’ve never seen it happen but it can happen so if you are not prepared to deal with a snag in your travel plans however unlikely, then please feel free to book in the traditional way.
6)      Do not under any circumstances be rude or abrupt or unpleasant to any of the HAL staff or crew. (sadly, this has already happened once) It will reflect badly on us and can jeopardize our standing with HAL. If you encounter a problem, please tell us and we will gladly take care of it for you.
7)      If you use our discount, you are welcome to book on any ship that is available but we’d really love it if you would come to our ship. If you don’t want to come on our ship but you do want a discounted vacation, please carefully consider if that is an appropriate request based on the relationship you have with us.
8)      Prepare to be given special treatment, good discounts on drinks and shopping and excursions, and shown around the ports of call. Our ship is out home and we will take care of you if you come visit us.
9)      If you choose to visit our ship we will gladly hang out with you whenever you’d like but we also know that it is your vacation and we will respect your time and space.  
10)  What are you waiting for? Come visit! 

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