Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lisbon, Portugal

After another day at sea (ok, those are getting SO old!) we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. I was up bright and early to work dispatch for the shore excursions in the show lounge and then I got to escort a fun little panoramic tour of the city by bus and boat. I would make a terrible tour guide because I honestly can’t tell you about most of what we saw. Like this thing: 

 Pretty though, right? Yeah, it’s a statue. Of what, I don’t know. You can Google it if you’re interest is really that piqued. Mine wasn’t. I’m pretty sure I’m officially a jaded old travel snob. Sorry about that.

After the bus tour we embarked on a small sailing vessel for a two hour cruise down the River Tagus. 

 I was coerced into helping raise the sails by a colorful, old Portuguese man who followed me around the rest of the time and tried to touch my hair and kiss my cheek for the next two hours. Between shooing him away and helping out the guests, I managed to at least make it look like I was helping pull the ropes. Mostly that strong, handsome man next to me did the work. I think he wished I wasn’t pretending to help.

Our sailing adventure took us under the April 25th Bridge. Look familiar? That’s because it is the sister bridge of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Right near the bridge is a slightly smaller version of the Brazilian icon, Christ the King. Portugal is not very original.

 Down the river a bit found us next to the Monument of Discoveries and the Tower of Belem.
Tower of Belem

Monument of Discoveries

I also got a nice shot of the city from the river.

In the evening Ron and I took our free time and headed down to Rossio Square where the Festival of Masks was being held. I expected to see people in masks or selling masks or just about anything to do with masks, but no, there was not a mask to be seen. We did enjoy wandering around the festival and listening to the band while people watching.

See? No masks. 

We also had dinner at a yummy little place called Pinoquio. Lacking in even rudimentary Portuguese language skills we pretty much pointed at the menu trying to smile and be polite just hoping that we didn’t come across as rude American tourists. We ordered two beers (which were cheaper than water) and one plate of beef in garlic sauce. It came with homemade potato chips that tasted like nothing I’ve ever had before, heavy bread drizzled with garlic infused oil, and seasoned olives that made me consider begging for more. 

Later we strolled the streets, took pictures and turned down offers of drugs, roses and glow sticks. Though we were docked overnight in Lisbon and the bars and clubs were walking distance from our ship we were both pretty tuckered out and turned in early.

Pretty building that I don;t know anything about.

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