Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greece: Santorini

Ok, I really, really, really wanted to like Santorini. It was one of the places I was most excited to visit. I mean, anyone who has seen pictures of the stark white buildings dotted with the sky-blue domes of the churches trickling down to the sea, or has seen silly movies like Mamma-Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, probably can’t help but to wistfully idealize such a uniquely sublime looking place. I’m not going to destroy your daydreams by telling you that it is nothing like you might imagine, but it isn’t quite what I expected. Perhaps my expectations we just a little too high, or perhaps it was just the fact that our day didn’t start off or end well, but Santorini is now officially on the “been there, done that, won’t go back” list.

First of all, once we took the tender to the base of the cliffs upon which the city is perched, we had to take the cable car to the top of the hill (the other two options were to walk up 600 steps, or to take a donkey up the same very steep steps, but I was wearing a dress and unsuitable shoes for such an endeavor, plus I had no desire to smell like sweat or beast of burden. Thanks, but no). Crew is supposed to receive admission to the cable car for €1 but for some reason we could not understand the remarkably rude woman would not let certain crew members receive the discount because of the titles on their crew IDs. I happened to be one of them and since some flaw in my character causes me to strongly oppose even the most insignificant injustice, I was pretty, um, annoyed (to put it politely). Many crew members were bugged by the stupidity of the situation and the blatant inconsideration of the cable car workers that day. I mean, they were really offensive. So, do me a favor, if you go to Santorini, wear good shoes and take the stairs or the donkey in solidarity with me. That’ll show ‘em!

This is what I think of you Santorini! 

Stupid Cable Cars

After the ride to the top, we pretty much just walked around and took pictures all day. It is very picturesque and as pretty as you would imagine it to be, but it is really an uneventful place if you will only be there for a day. I imagine it would be a nice place to visit for several days or a week’s vacation, but since the people are either pushy or rude (everyone, not just the cable car people though they were by far the worst), and everything is very expensive, I’d rather go just about anywhere else. Still, I’m glad we got to go and see for ourselves. Here’s some pretty moments of our day. 

It's impossible not to pretend you;re a supermodle whilst posing for pictures in Santorini. Especially when you're wearing a particularly cute dress. Go there and try not to. I dare you. 

After our aimless wandering we had an amazingly overpriced albeit delicious lunch with our friends Ross (the rigger) & Christy (lead female vocalist), bought a souvenir bottle of yummy Greek wine to bring home and share, and begrudgingly took the same stupid cable car (with equally annoying and rude people working at the top of the hill) back down.

We’re enjoying our travels in Europe, but Santorini, You can keep it. Not a fan. 

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j said...

Is this REAL!?! And how am I not there with you?! I mean, not santorini specifically, though it is also a place that's been on the list for eons and im a mite sad that it's not fabulous. I more mean Olympia and all the other unbelievably amazingly incredible places you have been and are going. I seriously wish we didn't get seasick. I would sign up in a minute to do whatever necessary to join you.