Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Italy: Pisa

Despite our stuffy noses and achy bodies, we were up and out early when we docked in Livorno. We took a shuttle from the dock to the bus stop where we took a bus to the train station where we took the train to another bus stop, where we took a bus to the leaning tower of Pisa. There were ten different easier ways to do this, but Ron and I will save every penny we can when it comes to transportation. Besides, it’s really pretty fun to figure out how to get around and communicate with the locals in different places around the world. We really have a good grip on how to take care of things at this point and we have a blast doing it. 

Once we got off that last bus, the tower was right in front of us. There is a large park that houses the tower, a cathedral, a couple museums etc. It also is home to a long row of souvenir vendors, but at least they are all on one side and out of the way of iconic pictures…which of course we had to take. We know these are cheesy, but c’mon, you can’t go to Pisa without posing with the tower in some goofball way. Humor us. 

After enjoying the park, which was thoroughly enjoyable despite the heavy flow of people, we had a quick lunch with a view of the tower and then got back on the bus that took us to the train that took us to the bus that took us to the shuttle that took us to the ship. (Somewhere in there we stopped at a place called Latte & Company that had the most unbelievable, incredible, amazing gelato we have ever had. All other cold, sweet treats will forever be ruined. I’m drooling as I write this.) And off we sailed.


Jessie said...

My favorite pics!!

Jessie said...

My favorite pics!! :o)