Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spain: Palma de Mallorca

Unfortunately in Palma de Mallorca we didn't;t have the opportunity to do too much. there is another cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi but we figured that after La Segrada Familia, anything else would be anti-climactic. Plus it was pretty difficult to get to from our port so we opted to get some internet time in and some grocery shipping done. We found a mall with a Carrefour  and decided to pick up some olives, sliced Spanish meats and dark chocolate wafer cookies to take back to the ship with us. We really enjoyed our snacking over the following few days. Yum! 

Since a grocery store isn't too exciting in pictures, we only took a few shots of the port on the way back to the ship. In the background of the pictures below you can probably see the cathedral in the distance. 

We liked Palma a lot for as little as we saw of it. Given the opportunity, we would definitely enjoy going back there. It's a small island and has the upscale yet laid back feel of a nice Newport Beach -type town. I wish he had the chance to visit a little longer. C'est la vie. 

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