Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tunisia: Tunis

Of all the places we went on this contract, Tunisa was one that we looked forward to the most. We hit Africa - woohoo! 

We decided to head to the Souk with Derrick and Kahlee because, well, safety in numbers, you know... As soon as we were cleared to leave the cruise terminal we were bombarded by taxi drivers all trying to negotiate a deal to take us to town. Ron was whittling away at two different drivers out of the 10 others that were crowded around him when Kahlee was approached by another driver who had snuck up to her from the side and offered her the best deal around. So off we went to the Souks. 

Our driver dropped us off downtown and we walked to the entrance. 

We really wanted to take pictures in the Souks because they were SO dang cool! But we were kinda nervous about our camera being flashed in an area known for tourist muggings. I wish I had the words to describe the souks for you. They were pretty amazing. Rows and rows of tented shops selling everything you can imagine. Bowls, glasses, clothing, jewelery, furniture, fresh baked goods, nuts, coffee, shoes, trinkets... everything! We walked away with a traditional African shirt for me and a beautiful hand painted plate for both of us. We enjoyed bartering for good prices and were giddy over the novelty of our finds. 

After a cab ride back to port that was equally terrifying and hilarious, we wandered the cruise port for a while before heading home to our cabin. 

 It was hard to pass up a camel ride in Africa... but we did.

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