Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Norway: Stavenger

Norway is unbelievably beautiful. The pictures I took and any words I could spin together wouldn’t be able to describe how lovely the place is. Both of the ports where we docked were unique and gorgeous.

In Stavenger, Ron and I really, really wanted to hike to the top of Pulpit Rock. Sadly, after much research we discovered that it was logistically impossible due to the ship’s schedule combined with the local transportation schedule. Still, if I had a bucket list, Pulpit Rock would be on it for sure.

We settled for wandering around town instead and it was as much a treat as the hike would have been. The Old Town in Stavenger is so darn cute. Street after street lined with darling little houses, flowering trellises, cobbled pathways, and picturesque patios. The whole place just oozed charm. 

A little further down the road we found a little park where our neighbors Anthony and Gemma were trying out the slide and swing-set. We just had to join in.

Then we found a beautiful cathedral and an old watchtower. 

After a while, we found our way to the other side of the harbor where modern life took over. Just across from the ship is a rustic sea-side row of restaurants, bars, and shops full of tourists and locals alike, all there for the fresh seafood and peaceful view of bobbing boats and swooping seagulls.

All of this wonderfulness was right near the ship. We could’ve stayed out for hours and never gotten bored. But not wanting the ship to leave without us, we boarded the Eurodam, headed up to the Lido and sipped tea while we sailed away. 

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