Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Bummer of all bummers, the crew was not allowed to disembark the ship on Greenland because the weather was giving everyone some trouble and the tender operations were not running as smoothly as they should have. Needless to say we were really sad about that. But after talking to some of the guests, it seems that we didn’t miss all that much.

The real highlight in Greenland came the day before during a full day of scenic sailing in Prinse William Sund. The weather was stunning and the water was still and glassy allowing for some amazing photography to take place. I sat on the deck and enjoyed a bowl of pea soup delivered to me by the dining crew who circled the decks providing everyone with bowls of warm comfort in the chilly air. I took so many pictures of the scenery passing by my lens and I wish I could post them all here. Here are some of my favorites. 

Ron & his Pogis

This may be the coldest I have ever been in my whole life

This is my favorite

Taking pizza & produce to the locals

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