Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iceland: Reykjavik

Iceland was one of those ports we were really looking forward to this contract.  Before we started researching it, we weren’t totally sure of what to expect of Iceland. We heard it was very pretty and that there was plenty to do. Good thing, since we had an overnighter there. The first day in port, I escorted a tour that was meant for our photographically inclined guests. It was to be a panoramic tour of Reykjavik’s (pronounced: Ray-Key-A-Vick, by the way) most scenic areas. I was expecting a little more excitement than what I got. Here are my photographic highlights from that tour.

I suppose I would be more impressed if I didn’t grow up in Southern California and have had the luxury of stunning coastal views in my back yard for my whole life. I admit that I'm spoiled. 

The next day Ron and I hopped on a bus with a bunch of other crew members for a crew tour to The Blue Lagoon. It’s an incredible place! We went for a swim in the milky blue waters of the lagoon, slathered mud mask on our faces, and played in the waterfalls. It was so much fun, and so pretty! Definitely worth checking out if you ever have the chance. 

Jean, Kelly, Ron, Jen

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