Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bar Harbor, Maine

I love, love, love Bar Harbor! It is such a great place. There is so much to do and see and taste and smell and experience. I could spend a month there and never get bored.

The first time we stopped in Bar Harbor we walked up and down Main Street popping in and out of all the little stores. I don’t tend to be a shopper and I rarely if ever feel compelled to buy anything that isn’t almost entirely practical, but I wanted to buy like, everything I saw. I practiced serious restraint and walked away without doing any damage to our bank account. Phew!

One afternoon we went to Stewman’s By The Bay and split a 3lb lobster for lunch. Before you gasp and wonder how much HAL must be paying us to be able to afford a lobster the size of large breed puppy, lobster was really cheap this year. Apparently something killed off one of lobster’s natural predators resulting in an abundance of lobster this year. Fine by me! We got such a kick out of shucking our treat and enjoying every last bit of it. I found it amusing that the lobster claws were literally the same size as my own hand! Oh, and Maine lobster is something special for sure. It tastes so different than anything I’ve ever had at home. Yum!

One of the sad things about Bar Harbor is that we were DYING to go to Acadia National Park and each week our trip there had to be postponed due to one thing or another that needed attention on the ship. Finally during our last stop there, we finally had enough time to get out there and head to the park. All geared up and ready for a good hike followed by a popover and blueberry iced tea from the Jordan Pond House, we headed out to catch the shuttle bus into the park…only to discover that they had stopped running the busses a week before. There was no way to get to the park from where we docked in town without having private transportation. I was so heartbroken that I teared up in public. Not my MO. So now Acadia is on the top of the list of camping vacations in our near future. But we made the best of the rest of the day and took the opportunity to walk around town one more time and to play in the beautiful fall leaves. 

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