Saturday, November 3, 2012

Canada: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax was our first North American port of call for this contract and we were really excited to get there. Unfortunately Ron and I were both sick the first time we docked there and didn’t have a lot of energy to do much. We walked around a little and got an idea of what we would do next time.

We had the opportunity to visit Halifax a handful of times since and honestly haven’t done a whole lot. We walk around a lot, get coffee and wifi from a local coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds, enjoy the boardwalk, get groceries, go to Subway to bring sandwiches back for dinner, and just sort of hang out. Halifax is a great port with lots to do and see but nothing that we have found to be really spectacular. It’s just a nice simple port that we enjoy. Even though we really liked Halifax and there are some nice photo opportunities, I don’t even have any pictures I can show you! Sorry about that!

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