Saturday, November 3, 2012

Canada: Quebec City, Quebec

 Quebec, is an amazing city! There is so much to do and see, a ton of history, strong French influence, stunning buildings, lovely rambling walkways made of cobblestone, fantastic restaurants, character and charm flows through the veins of this place. I really missed out on a lot of breathtaking picture opportunities because it was incredibly cold when we were there. I did get a few good shots in though. Here are some of my favorites.

 We were only in Quebec twice but we had a double overnighter there both times so we spent a total of six days in Quebec. The first time we were there we mostly just walked around the town. We also took a ride in the funicular to catch one of the best views of the ship and the city that I have ever seen in a port town. Really breathtaking. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me...but I got this cell phone shot of the funicular. Not quite as exciting…

The next time we were in Quebec we went on a date night to L’Oncle Antoine because we heard the French Onion Soup was divine. The restaurant itself is small and dimly lit. The building is very old and the inside is made of entirely exposed brick. The low ceilings are rounded and gives the place a warm, cozy atmosphere. I wish I had photos to share with you because truly, it was just incredible. We each ordered the legendary onion soup and were blown away. It was so good! We enjoyed our quiet time off the ship together and took the opportunity to walk through some of the less crowded areas of town to just enjoy each others’ company away from the usual madness of daily life.

Later, we went out with some of our ship friends (Brian & Jen) and explored some areas a little further away from the ship. We discovered a micro-brewery on the other side of town and wandered in to check it out. It was dark, warm, loud, rustic, and crowded. We jammed ourselves into a rickety table near the door and ordered a sampler of their beers to share between the four of us. Brian is Canadian and likes Canadian beers, often taking the opportunity to make fun of US beers. We think he’s just jealous that we make way better beer than Canada. But even Brian didn’t really like the micro-brew from this place, so we finished up and moved along. The rest of the night was spent wandering in and out of various clubs and bars along the main street in town. My favorite was a funky little place with an industrial theme that handed out marshmallows on skewers and then lit a well full of alcohol on fire so that a short burning flame raced along the bar and stayed lit just long enough to toast the outside of the marshmallows. It was so cool to see, and it made the room smell so sweet! At the end of the night we found an Irish pub with live music and met up with a few more people from the ship and enjoyed the band until they closed down and kicked us out. That might make us sound either very cool or very silly for being our age and still closing down the bars, but I can assure you none of us are cool enough to pull of a wild club scene nor were any of us channeling our inner-21-year-olds, but simply, when you live on a ship and you have the opportunity to avoid the ship for an extended period of time, you will take that opportunity every time no matter where you are or what venue is available to you. Just so happens that the bars were open and the coffee shops are not. You take what you get.

And that’s Quebec City!

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