Saturday, November 10, 2012

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport was another one of those ports where we weren’t able to spend a lot of time in but it is also a place I think I would enjoy more in late summer than in mid-fall. The tender ride is on the longer side but it takes you through a beautiful trail of sailboats and buoys bobbing on the wake. It’s very nice. There’s plenty of shopping and no shortage of wonderful places to eat. The first time we go off the ship in Newport we met up with Brian for lunch. Newport has a wide array of raw bars and we indulged in a plate full of oysters and a cup of clam chowder. Perfection! Then Ron and I walked around town a while (there’s a theme here I think) and then headed back to the ship.

The next time we hit Newport we shared a cab with three of our friends and headed to Coastal Extreme Brewing Company. If you’re a Mike Rowe fan (as am I, *swoon*) then you may have seen this place on Dirty Jobs (Not something we watch regularly but we'll be finding this episode on You Tube for sure). His shirt is on the wall. I considered distracting the employees, grabbing it, and running away but I didn’t want Ron to have to bail me out of jail. Coastal Extreme was also on The Food Network show Drinking Made Easy. Clearly their publicist is a genius.

Mike Rowe's Shirt!

There is a weird thing that happens when you live on a ship. Your sense of time and day is distorted. Maybe it’s because reality is pretty much suspended for months at a time. But of the five of us, not a one among us thought about the fact that we were rolling up to a brewery at 11:15AM. Not only is that a totally inappropriate time to start drinking beer, but they weren’t even open until noon. Duh. So we stood around for 45 minutes taking advantage of the fact that we were in a US port and our phones were functional, and making fun of ourselves for being such “ship people.” Good work guys. The tasting was pretty cool though, and we really enjoyed the 5 samples of micro-brew they gave us. Definitely on the list of better beers we’ve tried.

The last time we were supposed to be able to go into Newport, the beginnings of Hurricane Sandy prevented us from making it in and our last day in New England sadly became another sea day. More on that story later. 

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