Saturday, November 3, 2012

USA! USA! USA!... oh and Canada too eh.

Maybe it is the result of feeling like the last four years of our lives have been spent on the move and the last two years have been spent more out of the country than in it, but we just love ourselves an American port. So when we hit the east coast of North America, we were pretty dang happy. Now, the last few weeks have been really hectic what with so many new ports, many of which are tender ports, and that crazy super storm heading our way, and a few things going on in our personal lives too, so I haven’t had a lot of time to write out our blogs. So forgive me for posting these out of order and kind of condensing our adventures into one blog per port. I’m just going to start with Canada and work my way down the coast. Oh, but also, I’m going to skip a few ports because several of the Canadian ports were so boring that we either didn’t get off the ship at all or we only went to the cruise terminal to use the wifi. There’s really no reason for me to write a whole blog entry just on that.

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